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Laurel and Yanny let bygones be bygones and started planking.


Imagine a marathon runner inactive. He sits on the side lines. Doesn’t even wave or cheer. Inactive.

Medical community hucksters of which there are many want us to believe for their lucrative sake that viruses can be inactivated, be sent on a marathon through the running paths of your body, and make stop viruses that are just like themselves.

It makes no sense, but that’s what they want you to believe in their constant quest for pushing influenza vaccinations and others.

The concept is simple, introduce the very thing you don’t ever want in your body if you can help it so that you can avoid getting the very thing you don’t ever want in your body if you can help it.

In other words give yourself the flu so you can avoid the flu.

The premise is that if you introduce the virus the body is stimulated to produce antibodies which then attack the intruding virus and what remains is antibodies specifically designed to attack those again if they ever show up again, thus making you immune.

The claim of immunity is rather shady though, as you can still get the flu.

It amazes me how stupid the public is. Take for example this section of an article on “health myths”.


Myth: Getting the flu shot can give you the flu.

You’ve probably heard this from your friend who is dead-set against getting the flu shot. But turns out they’re mistaken because, “the flu shot cannot make you sick with influenza,” Dr. Tania Elliott, board-certified Allergist and Internist and Chief Medical Officer at EHE, told INSIDER.

According to Elliott, vaccinations may contain viruses, but they’ve been inactivated and are incapable of making you ill. However, because the flu shot can lead to potential side effects like body aches and low-grade fever that may overlap with certain flu symptoms, people mistakenly conflate the two.

“It’s extremely important to be vaccinated against the flu, which makes this myth damaging to individuals and the community alike,” she explained. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that most people without extenuating medical circumstances get an annual vaccination for their own health, and the public’s.


Their claim is that the virus you don’t want in your body that is injected in your body with the flu shot is “inactivated”. That’s like a security guard who is at a running marathon who just died of a heart attack and is inactivated and expecting to be protected from harm. Harm may never attend that event and so what these medical hucksters do is when it doesn’t in their studies of people who had the flu shot, they claim that it was because of the vaccination. They compile all their statistics and present those to governing bodies and advertise “get a flu shot”. But like that event where the security guard was inactivated and nothing went wrong, it’s not that the security guard was there, or the flu vaccine was there in your internal running track, it’s that nothing happened.

It makes no sense that an inactive item would be able to pretend it’s something living any more than a wax museum statue can pretend and fool the public into believing that it’s real.

So next time you go anywhere make sure you ask for inactive security guards to protect you or an inactive police department. That will vaccinate your community or place your are attending so that you are protected.

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Hallmark has wedding cards for the LGBTQIA community

Omg when does the acronymization end?

Feature image of a Hallmark wedding card for the TQIABLG community

Setting traps

The news blurb aka attention getting headline stated that a police were called on a black girl that was resting in the common area of a Yale University dormitory.

It’s made into a black white issue when there is none. It was an issue of a human being breaking the rules.

This kind of crap is creating race problems, not solving them. The fake medias love doing this. They get eyeballs and ads sell. They set the traps and people jump in.

The real headline should be “Woman breaks rules at university campus dormitory and police were called”.

Here is a number of the headlines from various sources as seen in this Google news snapshot on 5/10/2018.

30 million people predicted will die soon

Gates predicts that in the next 6 months that 30 million people will die from some scary new disease.

Bill Gates Thinks a Coming Disease Could Kill 30 Million People Within 6 Months, And We’re Not Ready

What is it with these elitist super rich people? They are so disconnected from reality.

Howard Hughes in his later life shut himself in, terrified of viruses.

Bill Gates seems to becoming another Howard Hughes or is it something else?

Gates Foundation is in bed with viruses.

His foundation tax shelters gobs of money that addresses diseases that tries to make people ready for the apocolypse by injecting wacky sci-fientific concoctions that are often called vaccines.

See the connection.

See more money flow.

It’s their life blood.

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Calculating calculations

Oh oh, libtard news is starting to figure it out.

headline appeared in google news on 5/8/2018

Pretty soon the liberals will also demand government stop volcanoes due to climate change.


Are you HIV F+?

F+ = false positive

The HIV false positive rate is as bad as facial recognition cameras in Wales. Those are providing false positive rates at 92%. They were finding that all these people that were tagged as criminals were not, it was the technology that was criminal.

In reading this article about the failures of facial recognition I had to ask my self “Why are they not referring to it as just failure?”

The statement should be “Facial recognition cameras are wrong 92% of the time, they are providing a 92% FAILURE RATE.”

What is this false positive crap?

The tests are a failure but authorities swear by it.

Facial recognition is a failure but authorities swear by it.

See pattern here.

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Genital mutilation clinic

Wales is opening a clinic that helps women to get over the trauma of having their genitials hacked off.

No such thing for men yet.

And women are the ones that are treated poorly. Yea right.

Gizmodo ding-dong is prejudice

Tom Ley wrote about an “alt-right” QWERTY or something making the statement that they were “sad white men”.

What the fuck. How about equally writing about “sad black men”. Oh no, that would be blasted! Stupid fuck.

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