France WAS known as one of the most liberally sexually free major countries in the world until one woman (politician) went on a crusade to make prostitution illegal. It’s all in the theme of “protecting” people from harm in the sex trade industry. Those affected the most don’t seem to be in agreement.

And as to be expected when reading about this kind of rampant over-reach of government nanny states, we find that AIDS organizations who want to control everyone’s sexual behavior more than many religions, got involved with their whiny concepts that by making paying for sex illegal that will “stop the spread of” acronyms like AIDS, though it does nothing to stop problems with immune deficiencies because their silly prevention tactics like using condoms and these bastardization of sex laws do not stop immune system problems caused by alcohol abuse, drug abuse, no it’s the act of sex they still believe like how religions still believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Of course that doesn’t stop them from hailing themselves for their alleged triumphs, convincing the ignorant people that are elected in office that there is a monster lurking amongst us, like how religionss around the world have convinced us about a similar thing that cannot be seen, Satan, does exist and thus all these rules must be obeyed to protect yourself from harm.

inspired by this article which I retitled France makes paying for sex a crime while it continues to not be a crime to pay for religious redemptions