Trump lost Colorado delegates to Cruz, he calls the delegate rules “crooked”.

I am not well versed on the rules, but I would guess he’s probably right, after all they were drafted at a time when slavery was legal.

It’s interesting to note that everyone has pounced on him for this, both the idiot and deceitful liberals, who hate him, and the staunch conservatives who hate him including Fox news opinion piece which stated “If he doesn’t understand 156 year old delegate rules how is he going to understand the presidency?”

I would beg to differ, understanding delegate rules is one thing, understanding human behavior and management of people is another and is something Trump has successful experience in, and is a key element in what makes a successful president.

I gather this criticism from both sides of course is more media sensationalism rather than objectively looking at reality, probabilities, and facts.

I gather that there probably is something inherently wrong with the process that they seem to be inferring that hasn’t changed in 173,000 years, is good the way it is, and is fair.

Now if they loved Trump, the story would be different, I gather they would all be pouncing on the “archaic” rules, the “rules favoring white men” on and on.

I have little use for TV anymore, it a distortion box being used to manipulate people. I was there during the Homocaust of the 1980’s when media sensationalism had eyeballs glued to HIV/AIDS every night and the horrific predictions, the push for toxic medications pushed on healthy people.

I find there’s more honesty coming from all the crazy people on the awesome TV series Bates Motel than there is coming from TV news and talk shows.

Finding the gold standard in media presentations anymore has become like trying to find a lost wedding ring in a garbage dump.

That’s why when I need to learn something, instead of turning on the LIE/BOX I go to the LI/BRARY.