LGBT/QWERTY folk in The South (which is south eastern states in the US with the exception of south Florida which is very QWERTY/TBGL) could face more discrimination is what is said by the gay rag due to another bill that allows a mental health counselor to deny service to those groups based on their deeply held religious beliefs.

If we look at this logically we might see their point but the CTR/ALT/DEL community wants to have it’s cake and eat it too. They want to be all these things that are contrary to one’s religion and force these people to serve them. It’s sounding rather masochistic. Hitler was that way. He forced people to serve him. They were all to treat him with respect, which is what the LGBT/QWERTY community wants as well.

Seems the DEL/CTR/ALT community wants everyone to be treated equally while they don’t treat others equally. If I had a share of Apple stock for every time I heard a QWERTY/LGBT talk about shunning someone, or giving that look of disgust in the bar towards someone I’d be a billionaire. Then there’s the rich and poor in these communities and how they are all treated unequally. Try to get into any country club with a bus pass. Try as an 82 year old to get into the Colored Party in Palm Springs with and be hit on by everyone there, doesn’t happen that way because people in these groups do not treat 82 year olds the same as they treat twinks.

Hitler wanted an ideal race of people, where everyone was treated equally because they would be all the same. One great race. He had some extreme methods that history treats differently than other holocausts. Where is the outrage about the other horrors being treated unequally. Take for example where 625,000 Americans were slaughtered on US soil. Lincoln, such a dear, declared war on it’s own people, it’s own states and almost 1 million people were dead at the end of it. It’s called the Civil War and it wasn’t civil or equal. Where is the outrage from DEL/CTR/ALT groups?

So how is it fair to force a Baptist preacher who hates fags to serve them in his counseling sessions if he doesn’t want to? Should the GLTB/QWERTY florist in Tennessee similarly be forced to sell, set up, and arrange flowers at a fag hating seminar that fundamentalist Christian Ted Cruz spoke at? Imagine a gay florist being told by law that they have to be there performing for these guys (reference ‘kill the gays’ preacher Kevin Swanson) while they talk about how they want QWERTY’s dead.

This list is endless of things that would piss you off if you equally had to deal with those you don’t want to deal with so deal with it. I say think this through guys, oh wait, sorry, instead of saying ‘guys’ let me use the correct acronym which is LGBT’s (Ladies, Guys, Travelers, Brilliants).