“Standing strong” against the “discriminatory” bathroom bill the rich and wildly successful artists love to play politics. This time it’s one of the original Beatles who will not perform in that state for a scheduled performance in order to boycott the state’s law that protects the right for those who use men’s rooms to only have men going in them and not women. I mean like really, transers still get to pee. Who gives a fuck if they dress in a dress and go to the men’s room. This whole fucking “we deserve to choose which bathroom we want to pee in” is bullshit. I don’t get a choice. I can’t go pee in the ladies room.

It’s not equality, so fuck all this crap. You go North Carolina.

Now let’s look at how many LGBT jobs will be lost because of celebrities jumping again and again and again on these stupid boycott bandwagons. All the gas stations near the concert venue won’t be giving overtime for employees. Same with coffee shops, convenience stores, ticketing places, travel agencies, no, celebrities don’t give a fuck about that, they just care about photo shoots. They have millions of $$ flushing into their bank accounts every year. What’s most important is that camera.

Many many thousands of dollars lost in wages and sales.

Boycott Ringo Starr.