The latest “smash free speech into the ground bad word to say” is LIFESTYLE – U can’t be a public figure who’s not a part of that lifestlye and say that you don’t agree with the BLTGQWERTY lifestyle or those with that lifestyle will trash your style of life where you speak words where people can hear them and catch a terrible case of offendeditis.

As we read on TV Guide:

American Idol’s final runner up La’Porsha Renae has apologized after backlash for referring to being gay as “lifestyle” during a press conference last Friday.

When asked about the comments by TVLine, La’Porsha said she realized she’d been offensive after saying “I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle,” in response to questions about the controversial HB1523 legislation that was passed in her home state of Mississippi recently. Although she acknowledged having beloved friends who were gay and that she was against any law promoting discrimination, her comments caused many to do a double take.

So what the fuck is she to call it, a path to enlightenment? A twisted thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Those all seem to be acceptable descriptions to things people love and accept. And what happened to the ALT community mantra of acceptance? How is correcting someone for speaking their beliefs candidly accepting people as they are? If anything is hypocritical it’s that, on one hand demanding to be accepted as you are, then to not accept others as they are.

Those that get pissed off should learn that if you call the ALT/DEL/CTR lifestyle gay or say you don’t agree with it that they should be applauded, accepted, not corrected, reprimanded, or scolded like a child who just tried to put his hand on a hot burner. There would be no gay marriage if the whatever community was scolded and corrected and reprimanded for what it wanted (and accepted such corrections) if every time we were told not to say something about whatever lifestyles.

I see the apologitis offendeditis movement like a car. It’s like someone calling the transmission gay and certain body parts get offended, losing touch with the fact that the whole vehicle used to just get people around, now it thinks it’s job is to squeal.

A little lube will take care of that.

When if we look in the 1970’s gay history books (which nobody seems to do anymore) it says that gay means the whole bunch with no apples to spoil anything and that word was actually stolen from the entire English speaking world who used to use it to mean happy, not homo. The LGBT community back then didn’t seem to give 2 fucks how it offended them.

At first there was nothing to describe that lifestyle they “were born with”, then the big gay bang, then how to describe homosexuals better? They didn’t like fag, dyke, and even lesbian, they liked gay because it meant happy (this was like hundreds of years ago in gay rights movement time). So men and woman homosexuals (and this included bisexuals and trannysexuals**) they all left their homeland and went to the new world where everyone accepted them because they were now not homos and lezbios, they were gay.

Imagine, not by Lennon, but songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams would have instead been titled “Gay” had the whatever community not squealed loud enough to demand and entice people to treat their lifestyle with respect while at the same time telling them to fuck off, not caring how offended many people were that they hijacked gay.

The Enola Gay was a plane. The offendeditisual community has now called for it to be renamed “The Enola BLTG”. Even the word gay is offended!

Maybe to please everyone who has caught this nasty case of worduseoffendeditis we can start referring to the H community, THE HAPPY COMMUNITY instead of gay, BLT, ALT, differentsexuals, or ten million other terms.

Standing corrected? I will not be corrected by anyone on this. If they have a problem with the words I fuck they can talk to the tire gauge.

Anyone that “corrects” me on my words also has the option to eat them. Words are nutritious.

Have a nice gay.

** why anyone would be into having sex with a transmission is beyond me but I accept it