When you hear that word you think maybe a vehicle and shifter, or you might think of transmission of viruses. That’s what I thought of when I saw a banner that was displayed at a protest by a group that calls itself “Tranzmission”. So in reading that banner with the word “Tranzmission” my mind though immediately of sexual diseases because when does anyone hold up a banner about shifting automobile parts that says such a thing? I would suggest they use some other name for their group.

Tranzmission is a transgendered organization that is working toward equal rights, and possibly unequal at the same time when it comes to those goopy bathroom bills where men who have dicks can be forced to whip out their dicks in the same locker room as women who claim they are men trapped inside a woman’s body. Wait I said that wrong, it’s so confusing. That should be “same locker room…..” wait, I said that right the first time.

Since their OUTWARD BODY is what is most prominent, and causes separation between bathrooms and locker rooms, and not inner feelings or parts of the brain, it seems logical for those bathrooms and locker rooms to treat equally based on their bodies and not their minds. If we get into equal treatment based on how a mind was born that way, or how a mind evolves that way, we are going to get into a whole big mess of things, actually, we already are in that mess of things that’s why there’s such a push back in states that are creating bathroom bills and more.

If we continue down this road, basing things on the mind and not the body, then Norman Bates can say “I wasn’t born this way, I was born sane so I should not be locked up treated unequally to others in an insane asylum” or the child molester can say “I was born a child and have remained a child in how I feel, my body does not reflect who I am, so I want to go to preschool with all the other kids.”

This by no means is a comparison to criminal or insane behavior but rather an example of the problem we face when we favor the mind over the body in making these decision and the choice of terms to use when deciding on how to name an organization.

Those who have created the laws that keep things as they are have a point and it seems the scales of justice might just be tipping in their favor.

The Tranzmission.org website states this:

Take care of yourself, and your family and friends who are transgender, gender fluid and non binary.

Though I agree with taking care of people and their concern for the homeless, like OMG what the F is gender fluid and non binary? Do I now refer to GF and NB people? Is GF and NB a subset of T? Is it now LGB T/GFNB?

Of course I could languagally express the same OMG astonishdietystartlement about a billion other things that I don’t understand like terms used in rocket science, and medicine, but really, does sexuality and gender expression have to get so complicated?

In the article by The Advocate (link below) I was reading and felt sympathetic to the plight, but then I read this “I couldn’t believe that state lawmakers were so hell-bent on depriving me of basic equal rights”.

Really, basic equal rights? Hell bent? You continue to have many protections like everyone else on basic equal rights, this is about bathrooms, locker rooms, and being actually being born one gender by all physical accounts and feeling like you were born wrong.

That’s a mind thing and that’s not the same thing as being born a human and being told that you can’t get a job because your gender is wrong or your religion is wrong or your familial status is wrong as none of those things deal with bathrooms or locker rooms. That’s where equal rights make sense and those are BASIC EQUAL RIGHTS YOU STILL HAVE.

Now one might argue that people have basic rights where employers and restaurants and services cannot discriminate based on religion, but really, yes they can. If a Christian book store has someone apply who is a Satanist, runs a Satanist blog, and wears swastika tattoos, they can be discriminated against based on their religious beliefs.

So please, don’t give me this crap about being denied basic equal rights. This is about going to the bathroom or locker room that matches what your body was born with or continues to have. Just because you feel like a woman and wear a dress doesn’t mean you should be using the ladies room to whip out your cock and take a piss in one of the stalls.

Then again, maybe it does. Did you know there’s a safe bathroom map for transpeople?

And one could make the argument that birds and stables don’t have these issues.


“Congratulations North Carolina you made me scared to pee”


Safe bathroom map on Google for North Carolina

“If you lead a horse to water you have to let them pee”