Since before I can remember being gay was not accepted much except by loving mothers and playmates who like me liked to play with dicks instead of guns and foot balls. Then DIS/CO changed everything. Because of DIS/CO gays who were starting to make progress in sexual acceptance became the scourge of the earth. In the early days we had to meet at smoke filled bars which oddly enough causes pneumonia/cyctis. What a relief it was to breathe fresh air for hours inside a bar after that. That year was 1/999.

During that same time of gay smoke filled bars drug use was high and so called new diseases emerged. That was a lie, there were no new diseases, just the same old crap. I looked it up in the medical textbooks, they were saying that Karposi’s Sarcoma which is a form of cancer was new and was affecting gays. They had to label it something that had a gay connotation to it because the first 5 who “got it” were fags. So they called it this brilliant term, gay related immune deficiency – GRID. No longer was it what it was, cancer, it was now GRID – cancer caused by immune deficiency in gays.

But gays were pissed that they were being singled out after it was claimed that maybe a virus caused it, since viruses don’t discriminate, it could affect everyone right? So the name evolved into a convoluted mess that makes no sense. Some call it when you have an infection that shows no symptoms what so ever HIV. Others call it AIDS. Yet others call it HIV/AIDS which is rediculously stupid becaue it’s saying human immune deficiency virus causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome, duh.

So here we were with gay cancer caused by a virus that causes an immune deficiency which causes cancer which has been seen before in humans but now is claimed to be gay related.

Time to look up the word “stretch”.

It’s all about immune system problem so why not call it ISP? We don’t call the flu human immune system influenza causing acquired influenza disease syndrome (HISI/AIDS) because all we have to do is say influenza or flu.

Where did we learn everything we think we know about immune systems?

The Boob Tube TV box mostly which always tells us the truth, not. Cough cough. It was awful. Today at least we have one ad that states “70% of your immune system lies in your gut” which if that is true, and it kinda is, that sure puts a spin on the whole IMMUNE/DEFICIENCY mess, the first place to look is not blood, it’s in the stomach and what goes in it. Smoke may be banned in public places now but the damage to our lungs breathing in this crap coming from TV continues.

The constant smoke about a virus causing gays to drop like flies took hold in the DIS/CO era. To this day they keep using mirrors to reflect what used to be as if it remains real. The guys now are proud to be gay and HIV/FREE. They routinely “get tested” knowing that their test status remains negative and they proudly display it on their online profiles like PEA/COCKS.

They shun anyone who is positive, just like how fags were shunned by the prudes of the past for being attracted to other dicks, these dicks are now doing the same to healthy people who simply don’t get tested because the tests are reflections of the past when DIS/CO was king and Donna Summer was queen.

Oddly even their pristine HIV freeless blood which is routinely tested is considered shit by government. Donate it ANY TIME SINCE 1984 and they say “Whoooooooooa nelly, you had sex with a penis the last year, no way, we can’t take a chance on that.”

We are living in the same crap that we saw in the days of Hitler. Every fag has a pink triangle on it. Fuck adopting this triangle shit, I say burn the pink triangle.

Authoritarian regimes continue trashing gay blood.

Gays everywhere buying the lies.

Our blood is the same. Equal. In my eyes. Not in government.

Straights can eat cow dung and burgers all day and do drugs and alcohol and give blood but a fag, dyke, tranny, or bi can be a total vegetarian and live on a Himilayan mountaintop in deep meditation for 363 days and on day 364 they want to give blood, the authoritarians will say “No way gay Jose, we will only take the clean pure straight blood”.

When is the LGBT/QWERTY whatever community that is supposed to represent me wake up from their slumber and stop this horseshit? I guess it’s kinda hard when when out one side of the mouth they are demanding HIV testing, HIV drugs, AIDS assistance, AIDS fundraising GALAS, promoting the entire lie that a virus is affecting their community, that sex is the cause, and needles from drugs or blood, but not the needles of mosquitoes filled with human blood are the cause as then they would of course have to admit that those needles could appear at any backyard BBQ and infect children, and housewives who never cheat on their husbands, and then out of the other sorta whispering that our blood is equal. Yea, kinda contradicts doesn’t it. There goes that theory.

My sympathies. The flames of gay activism that caused this mess are dead.


If any of the 700+ years now (calculated in HIV/TIME) has taught us something it’s that the GLBTQWERTY public is LESS/EDUCATED than ever and more brainwashed than ever when it comes to believing viral manias. The claims make absolutely NO/SENSE at all. California now makes it mandatory for all kids to be injected with cow puss (vaccines) or they can’t go to school. Hitler would be proud. No vaccine for HIV though. Think about that one. They come up with new flu vaccines every year for what they predict will be the next “strain” and they can’t in 30 years come up with one for HIV. Something’s wrong here momma.

If viruses caused immune problems any more than flu causes ingrown toenails and diarrhea causes many trips to the garbage can we would be getting them from breathing the air because viruses are stupid. Like dust they are thrown around all over the place. Caught a cold? How? Virus traveled in the fucking air.

Tested positive for HIV? Someone sneezed, you got it. No you say? Prove it. Viruses are stupid.

So those who hold on to dear life to their HIV/TEST results and flail them around in the air so silly and proud should really do some serious study. There is no test in the world that guarantees that you are negative. It’s all a farce.

SMOKE/MIRRORS is not yet banned in medicine

How is it possible for so many in the field to be duped? Most of medicine has people just doing what they are told to do. Protocols are set up and people follow them. They are more interested in just getting to work every day, getting their pay, trying to help people as best they can, and not creating a stir. Many believe in the foundations set in stone about what is claimed about viruses. Follow the money, why is there always a money trail for these things?

Some dudes who did way too much partying got ill, and suddenly it became a national issue. Media got hold of the sensation and convinced everyone there was a new virus threat after a dude in science who was convicted of fraud convinced the world that instead of seeing cellular debris (cell shit) he saw a budding virus and this is the cause he sold the world. Budding. It’s like calling a bowl movement budding. Viruses are cellular debris, or should I say to be more precise, that when a scientist looks at what he thinks are viruses, they are nearly impossible to determine if they are not merely cell shit.

A top electron microscopy scientist of the world said that very thing in an interview on the “House of Numbers” expose, that the co-discoverers of the immune deficiency virus (IDV) basically looked at the slide and saw what they wanted to see, that it is pretty much impossible to determine what is emanating from the cell shit hole.

reference House of Numbers interview with electron microscopy scientist Hans L. Gelderblom

As one noble chap who interviewed the father of electron microscopy puts it, “I wanted to understand de Harven’s “poetic space–” that something I knew he was seeing when he peered into this abominable mess called HIV science. For scientists like Dr. de Harven, ‘what Gallo did,’ and all that followed, represents a kind of holocaust on all they’d known and taken for granted: Empirical, classical science.”

Gallo’s false ideas is basically what the Sun is to the the flat earthers, his interpretation of “what he saw” is what the world got duped into believing, that a virus caused multiple disease conditions that were not new at all, but became hysterics and embedded due to fear and hysteria as truth but the science has disproved his theory already.

and this great article

Can Electron Microscopy Resolve The HIV Battle? An Exclusive Interview with EM Pioneer Dr. Étienne de Harven

What does the HIV test really find?

So called HIV tests do not find virus, they are not really HIV tests. They only detect interactions between proteins and antibodies. So that milk shake you had with your big t-bone steak which are both loaded with protein may cause an interaction with antibodies and make you test positive. Or it may not. Either way, the tests do not find virus they only find INTERACTIONS between proteins and antibodies. This means that if you tell me you got tested and are negative and you are better than those who test positive and you will only have sex with those that test negative because you want to stay that way really what you are telling someone is that you tested negative for Interactions Between Proteins And Antibodies, or IBPAA.

So get off your fucking drunk high horses dudes. You claim you are negative for HIV but you are only negative for IBPAA which means you steak and dessert didn’t have a fight.

And that leads us to what a positive test really means, food fights.