The headline said that teens were having uneducated sex. I always get a laugh from stories like this, as they typically come from people claiming they know how to educate. I mean they might know how to educate on what they have been told, and sometimes think it through and understand it all like with math or physics, and maybe even social studies, but when it comes to interpreting and preaching scripture from The HI Bible, they keep quoting verses like “God made man’s penis in the image of God’s penis and unlike God’s penis, man’s penis in the post DIS/CO era must be protected using tree sap before it enters your anus due to the HI virus” basing it on bizarre idea that the “fabric” of a condom can’t let an infinitesimally small virus particle (something that cannot even be seen with your eyes any more than it can see CO2 which you expel all the time and is killing the planet) get through.

Am I getting through?

Most of these sex educators don’t educate themselves on the farce of “immune deficiency transmitted by sex” theory yet they go around claiming some of the wackiest things. One being that of vaccinations. Although there is no vaccination against the HI virus, there is a vaccination against the HI virus.

We have been told all our lives from vaccine sellers that all we need to do is inject directly into the bloodstream the very thing that we want to avoid in order to avoid getting it in the future because as we inject this virus that we try to avoid like the rainbow plaque it stimulates an immune response and thus antibodies remain to fight off the virus if it ever comes back into the future.

Jaw drop.

Thus in reality, injecting cum that is mysteriously loaded with HI virus into the anus is nature’s way of getting a flu shot. Who can say not to get a flu shot? Shoot yourself up with flu so you don’t get the flu!

So since there still after trillions of dollars handed to rich scientists and doctors to find a vaccine for the HI virus, we are left to do it ourselves, by vaccinating each other with our God like penises.

Funny how these edracashuners will tell you to avoid getting that shot by not having sex and if you do give sex to make sure your wrap your God’s penis image in plastic which is supposed to stop you from getting what you would get in a vaccine to prevent you from getting it in the future but it doesn’t stop you from getting it from the vaccine because that is what is intended, for you to get the virus!

Their schooling makes so much sense!