A story about a woman in Mexico who was tortured “went viral”.


Made me consider a similar thing “going viral”happened with HI (Human Immunodeficiency).

The story about it went viral, but the virus itself only tortured one cell. That cell that was hurt got other cells together and banded together with some super hero cells called antibodies, and freed that cell from it’s tormentor. They were all buddies. They call that budding.

The story about it was replicated millions of times but it was still only one story yet like with The Holy Bible, people apply those life’s lessons to themselves. There was only one God, and one Jesus, and one Holy Spirit all of which went viral.

The story about HI and a cell being attacked by a virus was one story once upon a time long ago. The Holy Bible was full of stories, told over and over again, many believe are true and from God, other’s have their doubts, others say they are a farce. In any case, the events were unique and never replicated.

Many claim that Jesus will be coming again soon and that still hasn’t happened, unless we weren’t paying attention maybe. Watching TV or looking up something online maybe? Maybe it happened while we were complaining about how the air we exhale is destroying our planet.

Paying attention to a story about a virus that once upon a time ago did something questionable based on looking at one image is the cornerstone of the New American World Non-standard HIB (Human Immunodeficiency Bible).

I don’t follow that religion. I don’t study that book. It’s not even standardized.

It’s full of hypocrisy, dogma, and contradictions.

I was lucky, I didn’t have to attend a deprogramming institute. Others aren’t so lucky as they are still in THAT/CULT.