Everyone has issues. I dentify that people have issues. Issues even have issues, mostly with the people that create them.

The conservatives in North Carolina who pass gass and pass bathroom laws have issues with men “changing their sex” to woman and then using a woman’s rest room. Why? Because they are stupid and read their Bibles too much and listen to huckster preachers.

A nation that depends on hypocrites to write laws is pretty stupid. These people do not literally do what their Bibles tell them to do so why do they literally write laws that same way? No one does what their Bibles tell them to do such as sacrifice humans yet they sacrifice human rights all the time as they claim that the laws will protect us. This is what they believe about their Biblical Law, that it must be obeyed, yet again, when you look at what they do, they break Biblical Law all the time so why are these people writing our laws especially for things that only God understands, and not them, transgenders.

Here are a few points I wanted to highlight and comment on or clarify from an article found here.

WHEN a man gets “the surgery” that lops off their dick their birth certificate doesn’t just magically change AND the states have different policies regarding changing one’s sex on a birth certificate THEN it can take months for the process and paperwork to complete SO what is the now woman supposed to do hold it for 3 months?
SO now a woman she decides to break the law and use the woman’s bathroom THIS violates law like violating the old testament bathroom laws TRANSVESTITE made a decision based on her personal religious beliefs and evaluation of what felt best for her according to her religion so now that religious freedoms are protected she gets to use the bathroom of her choice THAT is what needs to take precedent, individual choice and religious freedoms in this case, but not necessarily in all cases we would look at