The bathroom non-issue has brought out pastors of self righteous churches and other self righteous types doing you tube videos. So one is a guy who goes in to a Target armed with his trusty video camera and says to the cashier “If i self identify as a Target employee can i get a discount?” Apparently this is some kind of logic thing, to try to point out “how absurd it is to allow men in women’s rest rooms”. Of course the Target people say that he’s not an employee so he can’t get an employee discount because only people who work at Target get discounts.

He then ends up talking to a manager and the manager says that to get a discount you have to have a discount card and an employee number but the guy keeps presenting how he can go into the ladies room by just “self identifying” as a woman so he should be able to self identify as a Target employee.

What a stupid argument. That would mean that he could also self identify as a police officer and arrest people, he could self identify as a building inspector and approve plans that he knows nothing about, the logic is lame. We are talking about taking a piss, it’s a simple thing, everyone does it, no special training required, and treating people with respect enough to allow them to piss where they feel more comfortable which generally is going to be where they identify as, such as a guy dressed like a woman would be more comfortable as would those in that bathroom in the ladies room.

Getting a discount is not a basic human need, using a bathroom is a basic human need. Accommodations must be made. There are issues where a man dressed like a woman, or vice a vers a, are better served by using their best judgement as to which bathroom would be more appropriate and SAFE for them. The issue is mostly one of safety and in the United States we take safety as a priority. Men have had the shit beat out of them for being in a men’s room dressed like a woman. Making laws that stricktify using bathrooms according to birth gender puts people in real danger at times.

Human needs must be accommodated and if a person feels most comfortable in a bathroom that is prejudice against men, they must be allowed to use it based on human needs first and foremost. Never mind how those in the bathroom self identify with being treated without respect, it’s all about the transgendered person.

Then there’s the anti-abortion guy that goes into the store and preaches how homos are shameful and ranting with his bright yellow fluorescent t-shit that says abortion is murder screaming at everyone in the store about the bathroom policy, isn’t this fun.

It seems all the hicks are fuming, you know because it’s in their Bibles to do so, so while they demand their religious freedom to not serve cakes to gays, or take gay photos at gay weddings, they want their separate bathrooms too.

It’s all so stupid, how do you enforce such a law that forbids men from going into women’s rest rooms, have penis and vagina checks? Present ID whenever you go to pee? (ID in this case does not stand for immune deficiency)

Their freak show argument about safety of little children is bogus, already we have gay men commingling in rest rooms with boys and the boys come out of the rest room with no problems. We have lesbians commingling with little girls in restrooms with no problem. There really isn’t a problem. All people want to do is piss and be comfortable and not be killed or fisted.

Piss on it. Homo men and women make up say 10% of the population. The transgender issue is even  is even fewer since they make up less than .3% of the population so what’s the fucking problem. It’s exaggerated by drama queens everywhere.

So there’s this totally cute hick guy in Tennessee with his big 4×4 Macho Ram truck ranting how the country is going to hell (he’s a Jesus freak) and how if he catches a man in the bathroom with his little girls that he’d [beat the shit out of him or worse] which I gather might mean kill him? Yea that’s reasonable logic isn’t it and that coming from Highways and Hedges Ministries Evangelist Andrew Green…….God’s love pouring out all over the place. Rrrrrright.

Then in his other notable videos on the tube like “I caught my daughter playing with a black kid” his view of God’s love was dripping all over racial identity. He saw her playing with the black kid and he took a picture and said he thought “it was the cutest moment” and talks about racism in America and how horrible it is because we were all created the same in the image of Jesus, all except black and white transsexuals and transvestites of course. No prejudice there.

I wonder if his daughter self identified as a black kid when they were playing. What if his kid met a transgender kid would he find that cute? Probably not? Maybe that kid’s father would have had the shit beat out of him?

God’s love is great. I guess we mostly find it in a fist either figuratively or literally?

And get this, he features a video against bullying!

One has to wonder, does a fist have a right to choose which bathroom it wants to hit someone with?