The video presents what we rarely see, a conservative news channel acting quite liberal.

One of the arguments based on fear is that they don’t want men going into a “ladies room” and exposing themselves or I guess equally of concern would be women going into the “men’s room” and exposing themselves. Let’s look at this concern for a moment, if a woman dressed like a man goes into a men’s room, are they going to use the urinal which sometimes does not have partitions? No, they are going to use a private stall. There are always private stalls in American rest rooms. If the man dressed as a woman’ goes into that place to relieve one’s self of bodily fluids there certainly are not going to piss standing up and possibly expose themselves to little girls because there are no urinals, they would use the stall. There really is no issue other than that of fear which is Satanic and all good Christians should rebuke fear as per their Bible.

Speaking on bodily fluids for a moment, what if that transgender has the HI virus? When they flush their bodily fluids those viruses could be exposed to the air and transmitted airily. It would be a concern if there actually was a VC (viral cause) relationship but we all know now that there isn’t but those who cling onto this other fear of disease transmission should be equally terrified. Some may be. Others like me who have rebuked Satanic fears of viruses are not concerned as we know that the virus theory is bunk.

In the interview the governnor quotes “an expectation of privacy” is the issue but really there is no change in the privacy. Even in locker rooms, unless if there is only a community shower, the issue of privacy is nil as anyone who wants to make sure they are private and not exposed can wear a towel or swimsuit. Many showers are stalled anyway in most places like in health clubs so where is the issue? In the minds of those who create them!