Sorry about that headline, it’s fake. There is no antidote to HI viruses, though if you study how the body works, it seems that maybe there is one, antibodies which are created to get rid of them. What’s odd though is that HI virus tests never find anything more than antibodies if they find anything at all, and thus, if antibodies indicate a positive HI virus test result, it appears that these antidotes might very well be real.

This fake headline brings attention to some about the nagging drag of a question “Since there are drug antidotes being made available to schools and hospitals, why are there still no virus antidotes?”

Hmmm, does make one wonder.

Adapt Pharma Ltd. is one manufacturer of drug overdose antidotes. Someone should ask them if they could make an antidote for HI viruses using antibodies which are created by the body and are in everyone.

Wait, if that’s true, there is an HI virus antidote. I’m so confused. Or is it others that are confused?

If the human body says “Oh there’s that antidote I was looking for, that antibody, it gets rid of viruses” and can be fine with it, why can’t the mind that controls that body?

Don’t expect to be told there is an antidote to an overdose of viruses called antibodies from your local test pushers though even though it seems we have just determined there is one, it was there all along. And when those antidotes are provided to the blood stream and those HIV test results come out positive, well now we know that what it’s finding is antidote to the virus.