Safe sex is all the rage in some dizzying circles. Who ever heard of mosquito sex though?

The 2 mosquitoes were having sex, one has HIV or technically, MIV since it’s found in mosquitoes which is the term that describes it also in monkeys.  So the mosquito caught the virus. He then left his fuck buddy to fly off to a back yard bar-b-que next door (where the fuck did that term ever come from bar-b-que?) and landed on a little girl’s arm with his dirty needle and proceeded to inject it and enjoy a meal of delicious sweet red blood cells which he then shared with another backyard bar-b-quer’s arm.

They all got MIV/HIV.

The “experts” at conning people for cash or trying to protect everyone from everything without using condoms on their tainted ideas tried to explain this away by saying “You can’t get dirty needles from mosquitoes”.