1,000,000 people chose to boycott Target over their safe identity policy. It’s quite a statement. The stock suffered a hit even.

Makes me reflect on who is well known for boycotting things again, setting an example for such things? Yes, indeed, the alphabet community, so none in that A-Z world should be blinking. The alphabet community has in it’s history boycotted Chick-Fil-A (pronounced chick fillet not chick filla) causing one man in management die of a heart attack. Also makes me wonder why no one is calling for safe boycott to prevent such deaths. That would call for government forcing a change in people’s behavior, making it illegal to cause stress to others based on wacky ideas that boycotts change anything other than causing many good people to lose jobs due to cancelled concerts.

The T issue reminds me of safe sex, there really wasn’t a problem in the first place but let’s make sure we protect ourselves from trannys and viruses under the bed by having government “deal with it” because as we all know government always deals with things spot on.

One might say that indeed bathrooms are safer now, we are protected from 1,000,000 Jesus freaks. Target is now the safest place in the world to shop for condoms, Lysol, bleach, lingerie, and “the imaginary HI virus” test kits.