Certain scientists and many many many many many many politicians and laypeople have claimed that a “virus that causes immune deficiency” has been identified. Interesting concept when you think about it.

Nevermind that viruses have no ID and that there’s no way in scientific/hell they can be all identified any more than they can identify snowflakes, that doesn’t stop those who have an agenda of massive profits from making those claims.

Yet those who are not sucked into all the drama/hustle has to wonder, if it’s so simple to ID viruses in a photo (actually a slice of what is really there, not in 3d) why is it so difficult to ID men in a photo?

I bring this up because in the news is a story about an iconic wartime photo you surely have seen as many times as you have heard the mantra “HIV causes AIDS”. It’s this image.


Apparently after all these years one of the men in the photo may not be who they identified so many years ago!

The Marine Corps confirmed on Friday that it has started investigating whether it misidentified one of the men who appears in the iconic World War II photo depicting the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima.

The investigation comes after historians Eric Krelle and Stephen Foley voiced skepticism, as early as 2014, about the identity of one of the men in the photo, noting differences in clothing and weapons compared to other photos taken of the men that day, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

They concluded that the man long identified as John Bradley was actually Harold Henry Schultz, who died in 1995. Bradley’s son, James Bradley, is the author of “Flags of Our Fathers,” a book about the six men in the photo, which was made into a movie directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Steven Spielberg.

this was from an article found here at Time.com

It’s eerily similar to what happened with the virus that was “ID’d” in the 1980’s that now is responsible for people sticking prophylactics on their dicks and swallowing them. The identification process was flawed.

Think about this for a moment at least, here we have a photo, of real people, and they thought for all these years that they identified them all accurately. Now they realize that there was an error. No one has died from the error so it’s not too difficult to accept the science behind proving this error.

Now imagine that we took a laser beam that could slice through all of the men when they were there and that beam would image everything in just that slice. It would not take a photograph like we see here, but it would reveal their internal organs, skeleton, blood cells, brain, all of it but only in a flat one dimensional slice. Can you see a problem with trying to identifying these soldiers with only that?

That is exactly what is done with HI virus science where they claim they ID’d HIV.

It’s an absurd claim they made. It was/is a viral hustle.

End the war.