In a new movie called “Climate Hustle” the founder of the Weather Channel calls Bill Nye The Science Guy a pretend scientist.

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The movie blasts the notion that we are doomed by our use of coal and other energy sources. Liberals all have fallen for the hustle like they have fallen for the HI virus/hustle.

There’s a big difference between the two/hustles though. In trying to get through to people about the con jobs, with climate science, there’s not the same emotional attachment to deal with. People haven’t lost loved ones, they haven’t lost their dear gay son due to climate change. They haven’t lost a lover due to climate change. To tell them that climate change is fake, or at minimal infinitessimally exaggerated, only hits against their logic and reason capabilities. This could be impossible for them to believe that they and many like them have been hustled even though it happens to everyone.

There’s a stark difference though when trying to convince someone of being hustled by a religion. HI virus science is that, it’s a religion. It takes things that are not absolute, like the interpretation of electron microscopy images that is shown in thin slices, not 3D, and tries to create a model for causation and effect just like religion does, but it’s as provable as God’s existence.

Just like with religions the HI virus preachers indoctrinate. They brush off anything that contradicts with their belief system. They belittle anyone who contradicts their beliefs they hold dear to be true.

This occurs because the emotions run deep, especially when someone died that people were close to and even the thought of people dying moves many. That is why although the HI virus farce/hustle has been proven decades ago, it was never able to sink into the consciousness of most people. They would have to admit error in forcing “Hit hard hit early” poisons on their friends. They would have to admit that they preached the HI virus gospel in error. They would have to change their religion.