Bacteria Infected Mosquitoes (BIM) are said to be the possible protection to humans from ZV (zika virus). I’m not making this up, scientists are.


snapshot from Google news showing a blip from NY Times

So let me get this gay, I get infected with Zika from having sex with mosquitoes and the doctor is going to tell the mosquitoes in my neighbor’s yard to come over to my next back yard bbq and infect me with bacteria which will get rid of the virus.

Great, now let me go over and tell those mosquitoes to go to my neighbor across the street house who’s had HIV since the day it was announced in 1984 which was supposed to wipe out 2/3rds of the people on Earth, a guy who’s now in his 60’s and looks 40, and when they are swimming in their pool, those mosquitoes will infect him and his friends and family with bacteria to get rid of the ID virus (another name for the redundant term human immune deficiency virus) and the Zika virus.

I wonder if the bacteria only eats Zika viruses. If so there must be another bacteria that eats HI viruses. Or are we to believe that bacteria are like Karen Carpenter and don’t eat much, and when they do eat they are extremely picky. I never met a bacteria that didn’t act like a pig but hey let’s ask science.

According to an article at Gizmodo here are 10 things they gobble up: nuclear waste, arsenic, crude oil (gee that might include crude greasy cooking oil and foods), caffeine, human waste, rocks, nothing, gonads, The Titanic, dirty underwear.

So like with how marijuana shops have popped up everywhere to provide necessary treatment I can see them soon selling bags of live mosquitoes to  release in the yard so you get infected with these wonderful life saving bacteria.

Keep in mind if you get infected with The Titanic, there is a cure!

Who knew bacteria was such a great friend?