Google News snapshot dated 5/12/2016

The claim is there are a cer/tain “types” of mosquitoes that “carry the zika/virus”. This is so bogus. All mosquitoes carry all viruses, just like they carry dirt particles.

It’s like they are claiming that a certain type of bowling ball will only collect certain types of dirt. Bowling balls and mosquitoes are the same, they carry/collect particles of matter no matter what type they are because they are all basically the same.

It’s like these hucksters want us to believe that my arms can collect dirt when I dust a table and transfer it to a clean rag but certain other arms on someone else cannot collect dirt on a table and transfer it to a clean cloth.

There is no logic in their claims.

These hucksters will go to great lengths to sell the public and exploit the public trust and thus governing bodies who make decisions for everyone side with their claims and then spend your tax$$ to feed those who profit from these lies.

Viruses are not the problem. They are the after/effect.

It’s like the cigarette blaming the husband of the overhung wife that just cheated on her husband for being smoked because after all he’s the one that married her and gave her money to buy a pack.