It’s the same argument made against a society allowing women to wear mini skirts. In America’s dark ages those arguments were made that those skimpy dresses shouldn’t be allowed to be worn in public as they might arouse the opposite sex. Arousal is the argument that The Baptist churches use for women not wearing lipstick and makeup but most of society doesn’t make such restrictions nor does mere sexual arousal mean that a person can’t control their own behavior.

The Baptist church may be free to make those restrictions as a part of their religion and they are guaranteed the right to chose those restrictions as a part of their way to practice their faith without interference from government, but the US government and state governments may not. Thus the claim that we cannot have people of the “wrong sex” in bathrooms because they might be sexually aroused simply just doesn’t have any merit. A man can be sexually aroused by merely seeing a woman in a cold weather parka, pants, seeing blond hair, or just seeing them move without even knowing their gender! If we had to ban things based on sexual arousal, this whole society would shut down.

As it stands homomen use locker rooms and bathrooms and surely are occasionally or often aroused yet that doesn’t create any problem that we are hearing about in the news regularly, if there is any problem at all.

Another thing that doesn’t fly with these anti-gender-inclusion exclamations is the more a society suppresses such things the more these acts need to or want to come out and express themselves. Simply seeing something that is arousing does not force someone to act on their impulses. To  allow the intermingling of the different sexes in bathrooms ends up making one stronger, not weaker.

This argument can also be applied to the bullying problem. To simply separate those who bully from those who get bullied is not the solution to helping someone cope with their hurt feelings. Teaching those who get bullied to stand up for themselves or apply realistic principles of how to handle it effectively is better than separation except in more extreme cases.

To separate those who are on the “fringe” who feel they need to go to a bathroom that is more comfortable for them and doesn’t match their exact birth gender is like that latter way of handling bullying by separation. Why can’t these bathroom gender separation extremists see what they are doing? It’s complete hypocrisy when you compare it to all other areas of how these translogicals live their lives.

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