Today’s headline read that up to 1 in 4 dudes have the HI virus, boo! The internet told us! Yahoo showed a pretty picture that of course is meant to put HI virus tainted blood drama in your face to scare you yet again. Frankly I’m more scared of running into Lady Gaga at a Halloween party where she dresses up as a normal woman than cellular dirt particles that my body routinely sweeps out that preachers and test pushers label as HIV.


Of course, since government, scientists, and 99.91% of the population tells us that this is true, it makes it true for all herds, even though the CELLULAR DEBRIS that is claimed to be a killer, is no more a killer than a garbage truck that dumps it’s load on someone would kill them. Yes it could kill the man if it dumped it’s load, though that would depend on how big the load is. If it was I container of household trash that was in a twist tie bag 13 gallon kitchen garbage can size, we can almost guarantee the man would live and not even be knocked down by it. If it was a load of trash collected from all day’s worth of collecting which weighed 20 tons, that would kill him by suffocation and crushing him to death.

With HI virus non-sense they can’t even create a test that actually finds the stuff, because there is so little there of this cellular debris called “HIV” for it to register. Like the 13 gallon bag of trash, there isn’t enough of it to kill anyone.

People believe all of this HI viral non-sense is real though because they have been taught by the HI preachers that it’s real, attending weekly news sermons on it, and being bombarded by other sources, all of whom have an HIV agenda, because after all, we have a test “that finds it”…….never mind that FACT IS no test finds virus, only antibodies, or markers, which is like having a test to find magic markers in a classroom and janitors down the hall which leads them all to claim “We have mountains of data” such as the pile of garbage in the garbage truck and this article on that proves nothing other than a scary story can be told over and over and over again so many times that people believe it.

Like those scary stories told in the Bible used to get people to convert to Judaism, the HI virus is portrayed as Satan and redemption is only found by worshiping treatment and prevention. I find this to be against my religion. I shall have no other Gods before the one true God and the image and likeness of God thrusting itself inside of me. I cannot worship God covered in condom.

After all it’s just a speck of dirt that the herds are worried about here, cellular debris budding from the cell like shit buds from someone’s ass hole. If someone shit and never flushed yes that would cause a problem but it wouldn’t be the pile of shit that caused the house to crumble when there was an earthquake.