The article states:

Plain packaging of cigarettes will be mandatory from Friday after the high court in London rejected an attempt by the tobacco industry to prevent the change in the law.

So now it will be difficult to distinguish Marlboro’s from Kent’s. Wow that really helps someone stop smoking.

Let’s see how this works, the person becomes frustrated by not being able to quickly figure out which package is which, and whenever they are frustrated they reach for a cigarette. There’s government handling problems again for you, making them worse. Now the smokers will smoke more.

I believe it will also frustrate NON smokers and plain packaging Nazis who are stuck in the line at the registers behind those purchasing cigarettes waiting for the clerk to figure out where the Marlboro’s are as she starts pulling out each one until she finally finds it. Some of them will start smoking.

This is one of the many reasons we dumped that tea in Boston.

I hope alcohol and saturated fats and oils is their next target if there is to be any sense of conformity to any set of standards. Cooking oil and lard kills, heart disease you know, gotta sell that in plain packaging!

And your favorite beer and especially spirits!