VC infects the body the same way that the HI virus infects the body. Vitamin C enters and is used as needed and anything the body doesn’t need it gets rid of. The HI virus also enters the body and what the body doesn’t need, it gets rid of and is eliminated. That would be all of it.

That is what is done with viruses which are given scary names like they do to characters in slasher movies. What the body leaves behind is something called antibodies and when you go get tested for HI viruses you are actually getting tested for antibodies. You might believe that this testing is precise but you would be wrong. It is like testing for movie theater patrons after a movie ended and the theater closed.

After the movie patrons left the theater they left used drinks and buckets of greasy popcorn (which attracts viruses) and candy bar wrappers and half ticket stubs, which proves they were there, but it doesn’t prove that they are still there. That is exactly what they do when they test for viruses, they find what’s left after the performance and they all leave. An HIV positive result only means that some viruses were there at the show.

To determine if it was a virus that gets in your body exclusively from sex and not from used popcorn and that it’s still in someone is like trying to determine specifically who came to that theater by looking at the mess they leave behind. If they dropped a wallet maybe you would then have this evidence, but scientists that scammed the world with this HIV nonsense got everyone to believe that they see wallets left behind for every virus identifying them precisely as the janitors clean up the bloodstream after the show.

They may be finding evidence of junk laying around but they haven’t found evidence of any living organism doing harm to the structure.