Could be.

Naming things is something that has been going on for eternity. In this episode, we see the head/line reading something about an official government “that never makes mistakes because they rely on scientists and doctors that never make mistakes” statement saying that 157 pregnant women tested positive for the Smith, no, correction, Zika virus.

zika-positive snapshot from Google News May 20, 2016

Naming things is so funny, why aren’t they also testing for the Smith virus?

They should be testing all humans to see if they have the Smith virus. Then there’s the Lopez virus. The Landers virus. The Brown virus and the Jackson virus, Harris, Jones, Rodriguez, and Clark viruses too. Zika is just another name for Smith.

Are you beginning to understand this virus naming scam yet?

It’s like saying that only people who are named after immune deficiency or Jones have the ability to kill someone, scaring the public about anyone named Jones or immune deficiency, and saying that we need to test everyone to see if they fit into the category named Jones or immune deficiency.

If you test positive for being named Jones or Smith then you are categorized under all these methods of how the Joneses and Smith’s are treated.

These naming categorizations is like how how we used to categorize Blacks, Asians, and Indians saying they are all this way or that way, some not even deserving to be treated human at one time! This is how viruses are treated, routinely/discriminately.

Just because you had a virus in you and it has a name, it doesn’t mean they are a killer. Viruses are like humans, pretty much all the same and should equally be treated equal.

Positive test results for the HI virus is like testing positive for your neighborhood being infected with a family of Jones’ “you have to keep up with”.

Where are the tests that indicate a specific ACTION that these different named viruses do such as the tests in justice systems that indicate that an accused killer actually committed the crime? There are no blood tests for this yet viruses with the name Jones, Smith, or HIV are all said to be killers.

See the absurdity. See spot get tested.