Basic common sense, instead of using BLTG to describe the “gay” community, and since the word “gay” no longer seems to be good enough to describe as it has fore decades the bi/trans/gay community, let’s make it one word – BIGAYTRAN

Stated like this – big-AY-tran

That describes LGBT perfectly.

It’s easier to say, quicker to say.

Includes all of the groups. It includes bisexuals, transsexuals, and gaysexuals.

Oh, if you want to add the questioningsexuals you can just add a Q at the end – BIGAYTRANSIQUE – this is way easy to say and adds other letters, so if you look at this there are actually 11 different sexual identities that this one word can express.

For that matter, we could refer to gays as transheteros and bisexuals as uniques and simply have one word that rolls off the tongue quite nicely, TRANSIQUES and TRANSIQUAL.