Acronymania strikes again, the article states “GMO mosquitoes” but what are GMO mosquitoes?


GMO is an acronym for Genetically Modified Organism. It’s absurd to say organism mosquito yet this is what is being said when they say GMO mosquito (Genetically Modified Organism Mosquito).

The mosquito is the organism, you don’t say organism mosquito yet this is what they do.

The correct acronym would be GMM (Genetically Modified Mosquito) or GM mosquito, not GMO/MOSQUITO.

This is a bit like the nonsense that happened with the HI virus where they say “HIV virus” which is saying virus twice and where in HIV there is no D but in AIDS there is yet the I stands for immun-o-deficiency in one and the I stands for immune in the other which is ridiculously stupid.

Clear, consistent, and non redundant communication in the use of words and correct acronymization is important. How much do we pay these people who create these terms again? Salaries of hundred thousand a year plus benefits and retirement packages. I expect more for my money.