The claim is that only the Aedes Aegypti brand of mosquitoes has the ability to carry the Smith/Zika virus.



Google News snapshot dated May 25, 2016 presenting claims that only one type of mosquito can use reusable shopping bags to carry groceries and viruses

By all accounts of logic the reality is that when we step out of the sci-fience looking glass, all viruses are carried by all mosquitoes over all areas of earth, as well as the wind carries these smaller than microscopic entities everywhere every moment of the day, so if viruses were the cause of alleged particular disease, everyone would be getting them because mosquitoes carry everything everywhere all over the entire globe.

So now in order to “control” these carriers some are even saying that we need to spray toxic chemicals in our forests to get them at the source. What a fantastic solution, let’s kill off all the food for the ecologically biodiverse environments with poisons so that we become healthy!

Oddly, in this hunting quest some believe that only one race of mosquito or surname can carry a speck of dirt. Others believe that specks of dirt also known as viruses can be carried by any mosquito unless they haven’t been going to the gym and have AIDS and thus ready to infect.

Then there’s those of us who understand that mosquitoes and viruses are not the problem any more than feces and urine are “the problem” causing disease, they are merely things the body is getting rid of, or trying to.