Shall we play a game?

Simon says:

HCV – The Human Cold Virus, once it’s caught, you have it for life, you can’t get rid of it. You can get treated for it.

HFV – The Human Flu Virus, once you catch it, you cannot get rid of it.

HIV – The Human Immuno-d-ficiency Virus, once you catch it, it’s there for good.

d) all of the above are false because viruses have no particular properties that make them impossible to remove

The way things work in the politics of health is like a game of Simon says, one person tells another what they say then they are told to repeat it and do as they say and the game goes on until death do they part.

It makes no sense for Simon to say “Once you catch it you cannot get rid of it, you are HIV + FOR LIFE!”

Viruses don’t work that way.

Stop playing games.