Ali died. The world mourns. The liberals acclaim that he made no apologies.

Of course it’s said as if that’s a good thing and everyone laps it up like good dogs.

Even spot laps it up. See spot lap.

They look at heroes as ones who make no apologies, they are strong and triumphant.

Trump makes no apologies and he’s Hitler.

Now that’s stupid.

In fact, it emphasizes to me again that Trump is stronger than the others.

He never cowers like all the other Republicans did and still do. They all responded recently in cower mode regarding something they don’t even know all the facts on, that judge who Trump believes is biased based on race.

They claim Trump is the prejudiced one and they are 100% completely stupidly wrong.

Can we even say the judge is prejudice? No, but it’s based on racial bias Trump believes, not bias against whites, bias against anyone who would do anything against Mexicans.

I buy Trump’s argument but sadly the liberals are so stupid and mindlessly ignorant in their quest to rather than seek truth and justice and the American way, spread kryptonite where ever they can.

They think Trump is Superman.