Bad news today, gunman kills 50 in gay club Orlando.

This was in another “gun free zone” where “we can be safe without guns” where the only ones that ever have guns in these places is gunmen.

This doesn’t happen in Texas, or Idaho, or Montana where open carry laws trump democratic whining about guns. In the rare instances where it does, the shooter is killed within seconds.

The sitting duck free zone where this massacre occurred, the “worst in US history”, didn’t have any one there with a gun who could have saved lives.

Bernie and Hillary can go jump in a lake if they start their blabbering for “gun control” which should be named “sitting duck policies” to be accurate.

And how is the Great Trump Wall going to stop this? He and his clansmen keep blabbering about how giganticnormous walls will make us safe.

This is bad news piled onto that other horrific event that just happened days prior where “The Voice” gal was murdered outside an event she performed at.

I’m afraid we are not at Disneyland anymore and we better darn well consider what we need to do to protect ourselves.

There were plenty of condoms in that night club, not one gun.