Once again the alphabet community is naming things goofy.

They keep calling it PrEP. If there was any standard in naming things, in using the English language, in communications, and in using acronyms, they would call it PEP.

I guess the problem is that if they kept calling it PEP it would be confused with pep.

Used in a sentence: “I am on PEP”

Friend replies: “Oh you are herbal energy supplements?”

A minor problem yet PEP is the correct use.

This brings me to HIV/SchMAIDS.

The I and the ID mean the same thing, why use two different uses of the same thing? Makes no sense.

It should be HID, that’s it.

Human Immune Deficiency. Not HIV/SchMAIDS, not AIDS, not HIV, not HIV/SAID, just HID.

But who am I to help the world do anything nonnonsensical?