The shooter that/caused what is NOT** the worst massacre in US history, was said to be gay by a former classmate.

Is it appropriate to call a shooter fag?

Seems this would make sense. The word “fag” is considered by some to be offensive and demeaning.

Shooting people is offensive and deathening.

I don’t mind being called a fag. I do mind being killed.

Please don’t call me killed. I find THAT/OFFENSIVE.

**worst massacre in US history is The Civil War in the 1800’s where The North declared war on The South (the US government declaring war on it’s own citizens). Lucky for those in The South they didn’t have a ban on assault weapons. They had a fighting chance.

625,000 died in that massacre. Lincoln was hailed as a hero.

Soldiers smoked fags.

study the actual worst massacre in history here

Here is a mass meeting supporting government in carrying out the massacre in 1861.