Hillary and dems and media repeat Trump’s name incessantly.

I think this happened with Obama, his name was repeated incessantly.

I think such repetition of name use is indication of strength.

I think it may indicate that the man will be elected.

When listening and comparing notice the strength in tone of how Trump’s name is used when ever they talk about him. It’s strong and forceful.

It’s not at all like they talk about Paul Reuben or Charlie Sheen who have airs to their name they can’t escape, wimpy, laughable, etc.

Similarly, when they use Hillary’s name it doesn’t ring with the same strength, it’s as if they are struggling to pull her out of a hole.

So if Trump wins, we will have a wall but no health care, so when those of us who depended on Obamacare die, they can say we did it for our country.

NOTE: They also did this with a acronym that had no political experience that was running as cause of GIP (Gay Immune Problems). HIV ran and was elected, for a 32 year term and counting, like evil dictators such as Saddam who the only way to get rid of them is to go to war and have them removed.