Like the failed endless war of 15 years now in the Middle East after 9/11, the AIDS war has been going on now for 32 years and with many casualties. The methods of the war, the targets, the mindless numbing dumbing down of the public, and the oppressive regimes found within those who pound the drum of the AIDS war is not my style. I do not fight in this war. I dodged the draft. I fight the war on stupid acronyms such as HIV of which the H is completely stupidly unnecessary. Ask yourself how many times do you tell people you have HFV (Human Flu Virus) like duhhh you are human. Gotta wonder about a medical community that can’t even get a simple acronym right.

What happens when we win the war against stupid acronyms?

Take a gander.

First we have the new one to replace HIV, called ISP (Immune System Problems). Notice how that doesn’t terrify you, it doesn’t make you think about your dick and where it’s been, it doesn’t make you think of Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor’s drama queenery, and it doesn’t make you remember the former queen of TV talk shows 80’s prediction that 2/3rd’s the planet would be dead from HIV by Y2K.

ISP also makes you feel warm and internety as it’s a well known and well used acronym for Internet Service Provider.

Next, we focus on the issue, immune system problems, such as things like bombarding the body with alcohol and sugar and how it CAUSES IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS. So instead of freaking out about a virus that is more powerful than a locomotive and the Kryptonite virus, which is about as real as Superman, and thus declaring war with chemical weapons, and x-ray vision, we simply look at how to avoid bombardment with destructive forces such as sugar and alcohol.

Gee that’s simple, tell that bottle of beer to fuck off and that massive bombardment of sugar in those Colas to go take a hike, or jump in a lake, which is also what we then tell anyone that tells you to get tested with tests that are big lies.