There seems to be this bizarre devotion to the acronym “HIV”. Anytime I talk with someone about ISP (Immune System Problems) they get bothered that I am not calling it HIV or they just ignore what I say and say “Well I get tested for HIV regularly and always use condoms and never go to backyard BBQ’s where flying dirty needles can appear from the HIV positive’s yard next door so I don’t have to worry”.

Sometimes I try to be more specific, like what is done when the H is used to refer to the virus as being a human rather than being an animal. IV should really be sufficient but for some reason the world is devoted to including the H.

So to be similar, I will add the term “long-lived” referring to the Long-lived Immune System Problems hoping that makes it clearer but of course use the acronym as is done with Human Immuneodeficiency Virus (HIV).

In a sentence it might go like this, “I don’t understand why the gay community keeps insisting it get tested for LISP when they are perfectly healthy! People can die from the flu and other viruses that all are transmitted sexually and airly and they don’t routinely test for that.”

That gets a weird response. Ohhhhh now that I look at it in print I can see why. How silly.

I guess I will go back to the old standard that everyone is familiar with, The Virus That Causes Immune Deficiency or TVT/CID aka HIV/FRAUD.