Like with people, who have many different names, they are all basically the same thing and do basically the same things every day, breathe, eat, shit, make/sex.

So let’s call Immune System Problems That Are Caused By A Virus In LGBTQs the acronym ISPTACBAVI/LGBTQs.

ISPTACBAVI/LGBTQs actually occurs in these populations 10 times more than in straight populations* yet there are 10 times more straights than LGBTQ so this makes it more prevalent in a ratio of 100:1. This is insane. No virus discriminates, thus this is why they came up with “Oh well then, it must because of men fucking men” which is/was hardly the correct scientifically sound conclusion to reach.

The theory and it’s acronyms should be discarded.

Oh but that’s a hard love affair to delete so easily. The emotional attachments are massive.

*then again do they? When we use this acronym ISP to describe immune system problems and look around we see that all humans become subject to those. They include the flu, allergies, and many other things. They are basically spread out proportionally amongst men and women and sexual preference. So where did this idea that there’s a virus that primarily affects butt fuckers come from which has caused a ban on butt fucker blood?