Free is a misnomer, we all pay for it and it’s not cheap.

The news said:


Translated: “We are going to test you for antibodies and not any one specific virus because that’s all we could come up with in this convoluted mess of claiming disease causation, and yet to save face we are going to infer that it tests and finds a killer immune responsive HTV (Human Tomato Virus) that attaches itself to man cock and drinks your blood until you die unless you give it a Bloody Mary at Hamburger Mary’s” and it would be just as accurate as anything else they say about what amounts to CELLULAR/DEBRIS/FIELD testing.

HIV is never said to be transmissible by mosquitoes yet THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE for it not to be.

Thus, the whole fucking thing falls flat.

If dirty needles can transmit HIV, then dirty needles that fly can transmit HIV.

If planes can fly and transmit people, then needles that fly can transmit things that they can carry.

There is no property of a virus that forbids it from being transmitted by flying needles.

Viruses are stupid objects like dirt and dust.

Thus, since we have backyard BBQ’s next door to homes of many HIV positives in places like Palm Springs, and vector control warns of the transmission of West Nile Virus and now Zika dika do, they are not doing their job as they are not telling the truth that EVERY VIRUS THERE IS CAN BE TRANSMITTED BY MOSQUITOES.

Thus ALL BLOOD DONATIONS SHOULD BE BANNED for any of these claims they make about virus/causations to make any sense.

The alternative is to end HIV/AIDS by ending it’s stupid theory, it’s stupid acronyms, and use sensible descriptors and logical deductions that conclude that immune system problems in humans are multi causal and not something that is deposited into someone by something that is 1/1,000,000th the size of the width of a human eyelash which when transmitted causes Human Eyelash Disease.

Got HED?