ACT UP was a radical activist group that demanded AIDS drugs be developed and fast track approved. It blamed government for AIDS deaths, claiming government wasn’t doing enough and not fast enough, in particular blaming heads of government and heads of drug companies. They staged protests, disruptions, sit ins, rallys, and all those fun things activists did in the old days of blame games. They got a lot of media attention.*

The acronym for the group stands for AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power.

Since that is an acronym within an acronym and acronym use is not the most clear communicative way of expressing reality, I thought we might look at it written out – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Coalition To Unleash Power.

Another way of expressing it is AIDSCTUP which would be more accurate as I have not once seen AIDS expressed as A.

Never used in a sentence: “The dude got tested for the I virus and learned he had A” though that is really how AIDS should be expressed by that group since that is how they use it. There is nothing quite like consistency, something that THE/MESS regarding illusionary causations of immune system disfunctionalities doesn’t do very well.

I remember watching those groups protest and thinking how much energy it takes to do such things. One day I was sick with the flu and couldn’t leave my bed and watched them protest and thought “They look stronger than me right now, how is it that they are on disability?” I suppose my condition was temporary of course, which makes the distinction, but still, how is it that people who are “dying” have so much energy to organize, protest, fight, fight, fight?

And if someone is diseased why on earth would they waste their energy blaming others for their mess. I would be at home or doing something peaceful giving my body chance to heal and rejuvenate. I would give my cells an apple. I would rest.

I know my cells love peaceful endeavors. They don’t like when I shout and scream at people. They don’t like tension. My cells react to screaming negatively. They prefer an adventure ride on IASM – It’s A Small World.

Disease is not something to blame others for. Disease is created, not caught. If it were caught, as is claimed with AIDS, everyone who has been bitten by a mosquito would be catching it because they are stupid dirty flying needles that spread viruses almost as much as the air. For that matter, flies on shit spread HIV. What you don’t think HIV can be in a pile of shit?

It’s not the virus that is the problem.

The problem lies more with not understanding how the body functions and blaming others for how one’s body does not function and then using acronyms to describe things whereas real words work much better such as those typed here. I can’t even begin to imaging how to acronymize this entire post the way communities acronymize disease conditions and alleged causations, but that’s what is done in what is falsely claimed to be a STD (Severely Transmutated Diseasetheory).

*little known fact, two of the original ACT UP members broke from the group and formed a different activist group, but using the same name. They had learned that the world was lied to about the cause of immune diseases and testing and thus started their protests to reverse everything they worked for prior, demanding government stop pushing the HIV causation theory that was disproved by some of the best in the field of retro-virology and demanding government stop dispensing highly toxic AZT which was killing people. They protested and disrupted city council meetings where bi-weekly approval of funding of AIDS programs was routine. Their tactics of radical protest did not change much, just their goals changed. They both died in first decade of the millennium but lived many years without using AIDS drugs whereas members of the original ACT UP who were on AZT had died in the early 1990’s soon after they were on the drugs. Many find that activism is not the best way to handle complicated health matters.