The Google News headline July 5, 2016 reads:


Talk about playing games with the public! Would you like to play a game?

Multi cellular organisms would include man, and animals, and fungus, made up of many different cells.

Single cell organisms would include bacteria and viruses.

This got me thinking as these things always do, so I went to Wikipedia, and what struck me about their explanations is that there are various theories regarding multi cellular and cellular organisms. There  is no one set and solid one regarding this fundamental basis for which we all exist.

The symbiotic theory

The cellularization (syncytial) theory

The colonial theory

The Synzoospore theory


With so many theories regarding roles of cells how can anyone make solid claims about how they are affected by viruses, in fact, what’s really mind boggling is when you learn about cell origins, as you will see in the explanation below, you might wonder who created this game of viral causation of disease in the first place?


Take for example the fact thatall cell fusion molecules are viral in origin.


The role of viruses

Genes borrowed from viruses have recently been identified as playing a crucial role in the differentiation of multi cellular tissues and organs and even in sexual reproduction, in the fusion of egg cell and sperm. Such fused cells are also involved in metazoan membranes such as those which prevent chemicals crossing the placenta and the brain body separation. Two viral components have been identified. The first is syncytin, which came from a virus. The second identified in 2007 is called EFF1, which helps form the skin of Caenorhabditis elegans, part of a whole family of FF proteins. Felix Rey, of the Pasteur Institute in Paris has constructed the 3D structure of the EFF1 protein[39] and shown it does the work of linking one cell to another, in Viral infections. At the moment all cell fusion molecules are viral in origin. The fact that the first two cellular fusion proteins are viral in origin it is highly suggestive. Fasseli Coulibaly of Monash University, Australia, suggests that without the ability of cellular fusion, colonial multicellularity could have formed, but anything as complex as even a sponge would have been impossible. Viruses thus appear to have been vitally important to the inter-cellular communication systems that have made multicellularity possible[40]


We all originated from viruses!

Do we really need to get tested for things we are made up of????

Isn’t that like testing water for H20 or testing the air for carbon dioxide and being afraid it’s going to kill us?

One might say we need to test the levels of carbon dioxide which can destroy the world if left unchecked and compare to viruses, but really now, when we check for things that make up our environment like air, and make claims that air has too much CO2 so what we need to do is spray chemicals in the air to destroy the carbon that has gone viral, like what we do to the environments of our bodies which contain immune system viruses of which we are all made up of, I think I can say we have gone crazy.

Oh sorry to offend any crazy people, what’s the politically correct version now of “crazy”? There’s a lengthening list of unacceptable terms now, of which should be included “bigot” and “racist” and because to call someone those names can offend those who are racist or bigoted, and God of PC forbid you call anyone a crazy racist!!!!!!!!!

Add to that “homophobe” as we don’t want to call someone that and be offended when they are afraid of subscribing to homogeneous theories.