Now that Zika dika do is big news, new calls for erradicating mosquitoes “that carry the disease” are widespread. The rush is on to find ways to remove them from Planet Earth. One of the ways is by using a killer fungus.

Oh lovely, lets spread killer fungus around everywhere and take a deep breath.

While we are at it let’s spread rat poison all over the place and DDT.

At least ridding the world of carriers (still can’t get rid of the carrier air) will stop the spread of every virus there is that isn’t too heavy to be carried by mosquito dirty shared needles from AIDS and Zika infected yards to non-AIDS and Zika infected yard and it will end the viral plagues of sexually and mosquito transmitted stupidity.

I wonder why they don’t do like what they do with computer software, create more bugs to chase the bugs (reference at Javaworld). That would be like how the body, which is made from viruses, chases viruses all the time using blood cells. No, instead they want more chemical and fungal warfare.

I wonder if they will be dropping fungus bombs or spraying fungus spray all over your neighborhood to get rid of all these nasty flying dirty needle bird food?

reference article on using fungus to kill living things