Queen is one of the best rock bands of all time who’z lead singer was G and absolutely fabulous. I guess that is what the Q stands for in LBGTQ.

Freddie Mercury had THE most magnificent stage presence.

If you have never seen him perform look him up and watch some of his videos like this one:

Sadly Freddie died in 1991 at 45 years of age. I am guessing that Freddie Mercury died of drug abuse which would include using abusive drugs like those used to “treat” immune system problems during the AIDS holocaust though the official statement is that he died of AIDS.

According to a Wikipedia entries, “In October 1986 the British press reported that Mercury had his blood tested for HIV/AIDS at a Harley Street clinic” and “The official cause of death was bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS.”

Or maybe the cause of the BP was the result of regular drug abuse and the use of AIDS drugs that have a history of killing people. It’s hard to find any reference that would acknowledge this “officially” (as if officials always get things correct) so we have to just piece it together. It’s pretty well known that recreational drugs were something he did unfortunately.

Wikipedia entry also states this,

Friendship with Kenny Everett

Radio DJ Kenny Everett first met Mercury in 1974 when he invited the singer onto his breakfast show on Capital London.[78] As two of Britain’s most flamboyant, outrageous and best-loved entertainers, they shared much in common and instantly became close friends.[78]

During the 1970s, their friendship became closer, with Everett becoming advisor and mentor to Mercury, and Mercury as Everett’s confidante, helping him to accept his sexuality.[78] Throughout the early- to mid-1980s, they continued to explore their homosexuality, as well as experimenting in drugs, and although they were never lovers, they did experience London night life on a regular basis together.[78] By 1985, they had fallen out over a disagreement on their using and sharing of drugs, and their friendship was further strained when Everett was outed by his biographer Audrey Lee “Lady Lee” Middleton, with Mercury taking Lee’s side.[78] With both suffering from failing health, Mercury and Everett started talking again in 1989, and they were able to reconcile their differences.[78]

Freddie Mercury was Homosexual.

We can express currently that he was a part of the HBTQ community and is missed by many millions of adoring fans to this day.

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