The terms for the gay community are getting a bit rediculous.

For example, it was LGBT and then they added a Q. It’s getting longer and more syllablic.

I believe the Q in LGBTQ means “questioning”.

Seems more appropriate to use a C for “curious”. We should update that.

Ok, instead of LGBTQ we now use LGBTC as an expression for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenderers, and Curiousexuals.

Hmm. I think instead of LG we need to use H for Homosexual, that includes men and women using only one letter.

So the new term is HBTC or BCHT if we put the letters in order as they appear in alphabets so as not to show any favoritism to Homosexuals over Bisexuals or Transgenderists or Curiousexuals.

So like viruses that mutate we have just mutated LGBTQ into BCHT.

But that is still 4 syllables. We need to make it easier to say.

The challenge, to make it ONE syllable.

So lets add an “i” and make it BiTCH.

I am a part of the BiTCH community and loving every minute of it.