The acronym MARCbot stands for Multifunction, Agile, Remote-Controlled Robot.

Sometimes people act like bots but more important is to notice how they added “bot” in small letters at the end instead of an R so that it was easy to say, read, print, and only 2 syllables.

That’s why we need to change LGBTQ and LGBTQWERTY to something easier to say, one syllable, BiTCH.

Used in a sentence, “The BiTCH community is always complaining that government isn’t doing enough to stop the spread of HIV (Human Illusion Vices).”

Used in another sentence, “The BiTCH community has made great advances in rights for Bisexual, Transgendered, Curious, and Homosexuals in many ways such as helping to end DADT and making marriage a right for Allsexuals.”

Ahhhh, that is so much easier to say than TBLGQ.