See spot and the AC (Acronym Community) make continued errors.

This was Spotted on Google news on July 9, 2016.


The headline is such a ridiculously incorrect use of the English language sentence structure to convey concepts and ideas.

He is a GAY character*.

He is not L, B, T, or Q so it makes no sense to say LGBTQ. It’s like saying “The series gets it’s first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning character. Sulu is revealed to be G.”

You don’t need to say LGBTQ. Makes no sense that way. This is how you say it correctly, “The series gets it’s first Gay character”.

It’s not getting any LBT or Q characters.

This improper use of language is just as absurd as saying that the Indian movie got it’s first GPYACVRL (German, Polish, Yugoslavian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Latin) character when it got it’s first Polish character.

We don’t express all these other nationalities when referring to one nationality, nor should we refer to a group of other sexualities when referring to one.

*George Takei who played the character Sulu in prior incarnations of the series and came out as gay in real life is not pleased at all about the character being made gay instead of being born that way in a new character.