Charlie Sheen wants to do a reality show about his I* virus status.

I hope he gets wind of this site and reads up on other sites that present the best reality show seen anywhere of how mixed up the whole HIV/AIDS thing is and what REALITY is going on. I’d love to sit down and talk with him about it all.

* I virus is the “Immunodeficiency” virus. There is no need for the H as it’s rediculously redundant. The H is for “human” and it’s of course being tested in humans. Has there ever been a case of MIV in humans (Monkey Immunodeficiency Virus) or AIV (Amphibian Immunodeficiency Virus)? We don’t go around saying we have HIV when we get the flu (Human Influenza Virus) so we shouldn’t say that when we have I (Immunodeficiency).