This acronym or combination of acronyms could be used in two different ways.

  1. To promote giving AID to HI Virus study and such
  2. To present and AID in a different understanding of what is going on

AIDS is commonly known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Why a syndrome? Well that has to do with the fact that it’s not one disease, it’s a category, of diseases, different ones…..a syndrome. But this added descriptor is unnecessary as what comes before it, Immune Deficiency, is also not one disease.

In all reality simply stating Immune Deficiency is sufficient to describe the problem, unless you want to make it clear that there are other diseases associated with it, in which case you can simply call it Immune Deficiency or the other diseases which all have multiple causes.

The term Immune Deficiency is also rather broad. It’s like defining the entire US landscape by saying it’s full of buildings. Try presenting that to an architect when you want him to build a city or suburban housing project as a definition of what you want done. Used in a sentence, “Dear architect, please create a set of new buildings for me. Thank you.” This is basically how Immune Deficiency is described even when adding “acquired” and “syndrome”.

Acquired is a rather redundant term also. The overwhelming belief in disease is that they are acquired, not created, yet it’s really more evident that disease is created, not acquired, as if it was acquired, all people would get them when they are exposed to their supposed causes. It’s unnecessary to say they are acquired.

So really we should just call it HIV/ID.

But looking at HIV the H is redundant, unnecessary, it’s affecting humans, like duh.

So really we should just call it IV/ID.

But this brings up a perplexing inconsistency (as if the medical community isn’t full of them). The I in IV is “immunodeficiency” but the I in ID is “immune”.

To be clear, concise, and accurate they should be the same, so it should be either IDV/ID or IV/I.

Used in a sentence, “The gay dude drove past the Palm Springs Desert AIDS Project and saw a sign for testing so that he would be protected from getting IV/I (the Immunodeficiency Virus that causes Immunodeficiency duh) but he wondered why testing only finds antibodies and not actual virus because he knows that antibodies are merely a response to some type of infection and they stay around for years after they are created even after the threat has long passed and this is the concept of vaccination so why on earth would anyone get tested for IV especially when they keep targeting men who have sex with men as if mosquitoes don’t have sex with men, women, and children, thus passing on the virus like all mosquitoes do with all viruses, which when you understand this realize that all we have been told about sex and catching killer diseases that way resemble fundamentalist Christian cult indoctrination more than reality.”

Then again, why even refer to a disease as “this causes that”, we don’t do that for flu. We don’t say “You have FV/IS (Flu Virus which causes Influenza Syndrome) we just say you have influenza, or because we are lazy, chop that into merely “flu”. So with HIV/AIDS or better stated as IV/I, we can go one step further and simply state that someone has Immunodeficiency or I.

Used in a sentence, “I found out I got infected by having sex with a mosquito I saw come from the neighbor’s yard after it sucked the blood out of that positive dude and now I am positive I have I.”

The really scary thing about studying the acronymization of things, is that we kinda figure out that I is nothing new at all yet sex is supposed to be the new and improved as seen on TV path to getting there as if air travel isn’t and people are being led into bombarding their immune system (where 70% of it lives in your gut) with chemical warfare thinking that it’s not like dropping bombs in a forest to kill an infestation of rabbits while expecting the forest to still look pretty and support wildlife afterwards.

The immune system is teeming with wildlife we call good bacteria. Dropping chemicals onto it is like spraying DDT on the forest.