Ted Cruz pretty much embarrassed himself by not endorsing Trump at the National Republican Convention. He got booed. It’s kinda silly to not endorse the people’s pick, but Ted claims he’s still not happy with how Trump insulted him and his family.

The following presents how after hearing this, I imagine Ted, Trump, and Hillary playing in the schoolyard as tots:

Like the grade schoolyard boy that cries and says that he won’t play with his friend anymore who just called him a name, Ted won’t play with Trump in the sand box anymore.

The only other kid there is Hillary who he never liked.

So what’s Ted going to do when the bully comes back and kicks sand in all their faces, and wrecks the sandbox like he aways does when his friend Trump isn’t around when Hillary runs and hides and emails her friends from her daddy’s private server, and Trump stands there and says “Ted, let’s teach this guy a lesson he will never forget”.

The bully is ready to wreck both their faces and Ted is more concerned about making Trump know how he is still mad at him and Ted keeps whining then gets slammed down by the bully. Ted has a bloody nose and broken middle finger while Trump immediately hits the bully who then runs.

Ted gets up and says to Trump, “As I was saying……..you insulted me and my wife and family………”


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