While most of the world is tired of all the fighting, and realizing that most war strategies are failures and/or way too destructive, those who wage war on viruses want the wars to never end. There are those in this war business that do make a pretty penny off it you know…..

So here we have a Yahoo! News headline dated 7/21/2o16 (click on image to read story) that says Prince Harry says world must revive urgency in the A fight (A stands for AIDS).


Inaction?? I just saw little smart cars, brand new, with logos on them in orange and white that say “Ge+ Tested” displayed in authoritative glory in front of the Palm Springs Desert Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Project. Those annoying buggers run around town and infect gay neighborhoods, street festivals, and gay bar parking lots (not straight bars or hotel bars where straights go to pick up sexual partners, noooooooooooo we wouldn’t have them go there because these people wouldn’t stand for it).

So at taxpayers expense we see that the fight is expanding, the disgusting homo blood ban wall still there not allowing us entry into the country of blood donations remains intact unlike our cock foreskin that Jewish doctors gleefully removed from our unsacred bodies making them sacred again, and that discrimination continues to hold it’s head up high because of this disgusting war.

I doubt Prince Harry has done any real research on this topic like I have and others have who don’t listen to contradictory mainstream theories that really make no sense at all. I don’t think he understands or ever heard how the images of “the virus” are thin slices and are so riddled with interpretation possibilities which the true experts in understanding how to understand such electron microscope imagery say that it’s quite the stretch to claim that what is seen in these thin slices is a threatening virus. These TRUE/EXPERTS say it’s nothing more than cellular debris (cellular shit) being pooped out of the cell.

Alas, he’s just doing what all politicians, salesmen, and famous figures do, and what all warmongers do, constantly call us to arms, entertain and sell us stuff that we don’t need or sell us stuff that we feel can’t live without, and keep the war machines running.

Oh wait, I am wrong, movie stars usually say END/THE/WARS. My bad. But wait, they keep calling to arms with the AIDS/WAR. My good.

Dear dear Harry, (and other celebrities who we can totally trust will never mislead us with other people’s money and bad information) please come to Palm Springs and let me show you how the war has bombarded this area, the casualties, and what can be done to STOP/THE/WAR. I will gladly pick you up and give you a tour showing you all the destruction so you can go back and start telling everyone to END/THE/WAR/ON/AIDS instead of expand it.