Hillary Clinton opposed same-sex marriage until 2013.[1]

Donald Trump has not ever voted on gay marriage. Trump deserves a chance at leading the country a thousand times more than Hillary does.

In the video below we hear and see her state “I believe marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman”. This was in 2004, not exactly the 1950’s, or 1800’s, she said this in the new Millenium.

She also said she believes in the sanctity of straight marriage just like the crap we heard from fundamentalist Christian ass holes. Most of us believe in the sanctity of equality in marriage.

What Hillary did as a liberal to the LGBT community is absolutely unforgivable.

How many gays and LBT’s have suffered for so many years because of her votes and what her vote stated to the country? Millions. NO ONE who has ever voted against gay marriage deserves a chance at running the country. I don’t understand how any LGBT person can ever forgive that of a Democrat.

She didn’t give a crap about the minority LGBT community, all she cared about was the majority of votes she would have lost for her next election. She’s proven herself to be what we are all tired of, politicians. I recommend voting for the other candidate, one who calls her out on her lies and deceit.


[1] – The Atlantic